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I’m An Insured Dog Walker In Harrogate

Est. 2015

Hi, I am Kathryn. I am a fully insured, qualified and environmentally friendly Harrogate dog walker in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. As a Harrogate lass, I pride myself on the relationship I build up with the Dogs I have been asked to exercise.

If you have an elderly dog I will cater the walk to include plenty of rest stops and take it at a steady pace. Puppies are all about the responsible play and good times whilst being exercised. Energetic Dogs are taken on a long walk with their favourite toy – tennis ball or frisbee – so that fetching and running around means they get their energy out of their system. Shy dogs are a speciality.


RT @Chris_McClem To me, my severely disabled daughter is unique, interesting, loving, joyful & absolutely equal to anyone else. What she is not is second rate, second class, a burden, not worth the time or money. I'll never ever be on the same page as anyone who sees her in this way. #MyGirl

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